Wednesday, November 19, 2014

late night post


Ada seorang sahabat saya, everytime saya share problem kat dia, terus die judge...dia kelaskan saya ni macam mana macam mana semua. Hurm... sekarang saya jadi tak selesa nak luahkan perasaan and what not, because she makes me feel like i have no right to feel this and that. Since she seems did not understand about what i expressed to her based on what i had gone through, i decided not to talk too much with her. It was like, there's suddenly got a boundary between us, although we seems close too each other because i am aware of her attitude which is not accepting my flaws.

I thought good friend should be a person we can count on. She's nice but sometimes she's too overreact in giving responses. I'm not mad of her anyway. I'm just hurting. She hurts my feeling. And it become worst than before i talked to her about my problems. I was thinking maybe it is better not to overshare the problem i faced to her to avoid the worst situation to be happen (my feeling). 

I'm actually the type of person, who need somebody (to whom i prefer) to talk to whenever i experienced best or worst days of my life. And each topic (of the feeling) there will be different person to be talked to who are for sure my good listeners. i know, maybe you think its complicated, or i made things to be complicated, but there is the only way for me to feel relief from any burden situations.

Sesungguhnya saya tidaklah sekuat yang orang sangka. Saya juga ada hati dan perasaan, sebab memang itu lumrah manusia. Mungkin diluaran, saya anggap macam saya kuat but i'm not as strong as i thought i was. Jadi terima kasih kepada insan insan yang dah banyak berbakti dan menjadi pendengar yang setia selama beberapa tahun kite kenal. Saya sayang awak sume! Muah ciked!

It's getting late..

Thank you for reading! Toodles ~

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