Monday, November 17, 2014

days well spent


Howdy! Hai lovelies. I'm back to reality now. Been 3 days and 2 nights flirting and hanging around with my bestest buddy zwen-chan. We were filling up our limited times doing things we wanna do. Picniking in the house, play midnight scrabble while tv was on, eating burgers, snacks, and then i fell a sleep in front of the tv! Hahaha.

The next day we went to the campus for a photoshoot. It was awesome! With all the props, the picnic mat, the trees, the rocks, the grasses, the clouds, the rose, the 'i love you' balloon, hotdogs, and scrabble. Perfect! We were having a good time together and i was happy like.....Yeah! Haha

Its been one year and a half that we were lost and confused, we had been missing and busy with our lives that we forgot to find each other. But Alhamdulillah things have gone back together now and she's still the same as i knew her back then and am glad for that. She also had a chance to have a little conversation with the crush you know who. 

Thank you for reading!

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