Monday, March 7, 2016

have faith in Allah


Allah tests us in many ways.

Sometimes, people let us down so we can be reminded by Allah that we should rely on no one but Him.


Thursday, March 3, 2016

lost yet confuse

lost and confuse...
i was..
and still am..

it was like i'm stuck in the middle of the crowds
which i'm the one who freeze
while everyone moves as fast as the light

and i'm still there
lost and confuse
stand still
being me

can i get over it?
should i do about it?

told ya
i'm confuse
that makes me lost

come help!


Friday, February 27, 2015

i am a servant


Well, to be short, i am now is in the stage of accepting things that Allah had planned for me no matter how hard it is. It was a lesson for me in living my life.. the gift that i told in the previous post, was taken back by Him, The Almighty. I believe in Allah. I believe that everything that had happened in my life was the best plan from Him. I've been tested in many ways. But somehow, i know that something good will come from it.

"I ask Allah's forgiveness"

Sunday, January 4, 2015

only Allah knows


It's still my exam week.oh, first of all, Happy new year lovelies! Welcome to 2015. May this year will better for all of us. Insya Allah. 2014 pergi meninggalkan beribu kenangan buat saya. harusnya yang baik dijadikan tauladan, yang buruk dijadikan sempadan. 2014 taught me many things. Dan apa yang telah saya lalui dalam 2014 telah menjadikan diri saya sekarang. Yes memory remains. Sampai satu masa nanti, ia pasti hilang. I promise myself to move forward. And will never ever looking back. Semuanya dah ditentukan oleh Allah. Dan saya harus terima dengan tenang dan redha. Alhamdulillah my life's getting better now and of course i'am happy.

Di mana saya sekarang, apa yang saya lakukan sekarang, semuanya Allah's plan. I just do the best i can. I thank Allah for giving me this happiness. But still, am aware of it. Only Allah knows whether it will remains and never can end or vice versa. Mungkin juga ini masih ujian buat saya. Jadi saya akan bersedia apa pun yang mungkin terjadi atau mungkin kebahagian yang saya ada sekarang akan hilang satu hari nanti. Insya Allah saya redha. Yes am still scared and worry. After all that i had been through...... insya Allah aziey kuat!! (I am not as strong as i thought i was...)

**@_@**  traumatize!

P/s: bersangka baiklah dengan Allah. Jom istikharah!

Thank you for reading!