Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I is Happy ! we all happy...

written by : misschewmilk's kak long.

assalamualaikum allz..hihihi...i'm not aziey cloud but i'm her sister @ kak long...just wanna share our great moment which was learning to bake bread n sis was the one who really excited to see, learn n eat it..hahahah..

last sunday was a really the speacialest, sweetest n bestest moment ever coz we've just learned how to bake bread n muffins in the very easiest way by Amway Noxxa Oven..>>sponsored by my "special friend's mother's" with his aunt <cik Eton the Great>  (^_________^)

we had a lot of fun making so much noises n jokes n are some pics we can share wif u guys...

in progress


soooo fluffy the dough

chocolate muffins in the making

sausage bread

mencanai dough

hihi sooo cute macam "ulat"

sausage flower bread in the making

alien like bread





sausage bread wif crab powder

thats all..n who ever wanna make these "delishus" things using Noxxa Oven <really easy> can contact me k...

for those who interested in Noxxa Oven by Amway..plz cntact me at my Facebook....tq~

thank you for reading.

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