Saturday, February 11, 2012

don't lose hope

assalamualaikum darlings.

" I told myself
That I was wise
That I was strong
But realized
That I was much closer to wrong

Do you believe in a future you can change
Imagine everybody living for today

Don't lose hope!
Even though you can't see it I know
Things are getting better
Don't let go!
We are here with you; you're not alone!
Everyone needs time
So don't lose hope... "

p/s ; quick update since my last post. simple. for u and me.

thank you for reading .

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Syira Rara said...

nice nice nice..hai! bru follow awak pnya blog..klau ada masa singgah la blog sy..kalau sudi follow la yea..boleh share cerita nnt (^_^)v