Friday, August 19, 2011

banyak nye soklan !


saya di tagged oleh zul untuk jawab soalan2 yang agak banyak ni....huhu. memandangkan hari ni tak berape nak busy sangat, and saya pun tak de keje nak buat, so dengan senang hati nye saya pun menjawab. [ saje buat ayat skema ] ... there you go.

2. Nickname:  | fazilah-among childhood friends | aziey-among high school friends | zila & kak ila-among family members |
4. Male/Female: female
6. Primary school: sk LKTP redong , segamat
7. High school: smka segamat, sms sultan iskandar , smk paduka tuan
8. Hair color: black
9. Tall or short: shortest among my family
12. Phone or camera: both
14. Orange or apple: apple
15. Do u have a crush on sumeone: Bradley James :)
16. Eat or drink?: both

 17. Piercing: ears only
18. Pepsi or coke: coke
19. Been in an airplane: soon... :)
20. Been in a relationship: yes

21. Been in a car accident: no
22. Been in a fight: yes
 24. 1st best friend: zwen
25. 1st award: -
26. 1st crush: when i was 6... :)

29. Last friend u talked in person: sue
30. Last friend u texted: alea diana [ tanye resipi popia Alevie ]
31. Last friend u watched a movie with: Aiq Cloud
32. Last food u ate: kuey teow hailam [ sahur pagi tadi ]
33. Last movie u watch: Sekali Lagi...
34. Last song u listened to: make it mine [ Jason Mraz ]
35. Last thing u bought: a purse concentre by Paris Hilton
36. Last person u hugged: my dear mama

39. Bottoms: jeans
42. Colors: | black | white | pink | purple | red |
43. Movie: P.S  i love u & the last song
44. Subjects: English

Have You Ever...
45. Fallen in love with someone: yup
46. Celebrated Halloween: never
47. Had your heart broken: yup :(
48. Went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone: yes. sometimes.
49. Wanted to smack someone upside the head: no
51. Eaten a whole standard sized pizza: tak penah la pulak
52. Tried to do something, but couldn't succeed : many times... tapi kita hanya merancang...  :)
53. Did something you regret: yes
54. Broke a promise: yes
55. Hid a secret: yes
56. Pretended to be happy: yes..Allah knows how i feel..
57. Met someone who changed your life: i think i have :)
58. Pretended to be sick: once.. when i was 13 [ homesick punye pasal, nak sgt balik rumah ]
59. Left the country: never
61. Cried over the silliest thing: huhh. more than a lot. [ hati macam tisu..]
62. Ran 5 miles: yes - larian iskandar
63. Went to the beach with your best friends: not yet..
64. Got into an argument with your friends: yes
65. Hated someone: yup
66. Stayed single for a whole year: :)

67. Eating: no
68. Drinking: no
69. Listening to: MTV Hitz
71. Plans for today: borak sampai pengsan with my bro & sis... [ diorang baru sampai umah ]

Your Future?
73. Want kids: of course lah!
74. Want to get married: mesti lah..kalau panjang umur n murah rezeki..InsyaAllah

Which is Better in The Opposite Sex?
76. Lips or Eyes: eyes
77. Shorter or taller: taller !! :-D
78. Romantic or spontaneous: the way he is
79. Nice stomach or nice arms: arms
82. Looks or personality: both

Have You Ever...
83. Lost glasses/contacts: never
84. Snuck out of a house: no
86. Kissed someone before: hari-hari kiss mama
 88. Been in love: yup
89. Cried when someone died: yes. my beloved granny. :(

Do You Believe In...
90. Yourself: of course
92. Love at first sight: -
96. God : Allah the Almighty

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now?
Aiq Cloud [ sbb lame tak jmpe ] :)
100. Would you change something in your life:
myself... to be a better me :)

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miz erika said...

kamu..cmne cre nk jwb nie?

Anonymous said...

dear byk nye soklan, jgn mrh taw taw kalau kalau xterbuat....ampun awl2....:)

aziey nasrudin said...

nedy : copy je & ubah jwpn hehe :)
miela : hehe its okay dear... xwajib :)

Anonymous said...

dah jawab! hahaha...thnks tag..haha..

aziey nasrudin said...

haha bguslah...sudi merajin kan diri :)

Anonymous said...

dah jawab....thanks ye..:)