Saturday, March 26, 2011

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moshi moshi.

lately, i've been busy with many things. =_= i haven't sleep for two days recently (who cares??) , just to finish up my 'take-home-test' for Guaman Syarie.. at the same time, my private life is currently messed up and honestly, it's bother me a lot. u have no idea what i had gone through. God knows how i feel. i believe that everything happens for a reason. i just not figure out the reason why yet. i can't believe it's really happening. i'm so sorry for every single mistake that i've done and every single bad words that i used to say to u.  but, for you, i can forgive but it's not easy to forget whatever you've said. yeah, I'm sure everybody makes mistakes. but please know that it's become annoying when the same mistake happens all over again. it shows me that u learn nothing. pape pun, i you okay.   (i dunno what i'm saying when my head is spinning). haihhh..can't we just drop it? okayy.....

breathe in....okay, saye baru je siap buat poster untuk exhibition next saturday. it's for our Creative Thinking And Problem Solving subject. untuk exhibition ni, kitorang dikehendaki meng-create satu product , any product yang menjawab soalan nih , make money from a problem. haha macam tu la agaknye ayat die. tak ingat dah. so, saye incharge bahagian poster and bunting. tapi saye buat poster je. actually banyak jgk yang nak kene tulis kat poster tapi saye tak buat lg pun. ni baru trial. cube-try-test orang kate. so inilah hasil nye yang tak seberape......

macam mane? ok ke? tak de la  chantek pun kan. 'evergreen' tu name group kitorang. tema exhibition ni 'green'. tu yang letak name 'evergreen' tu. haha~

okay banyak lagi keje yang sedang menunggu ni. next week ade mid-term Islamic Family Law. Doakan saye dapat buat yang terbaik ye.. \(^_^)/


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