Sunday, December 18, 2011

that's what sisters are for


i'm so thankful to have kak long in my life, the only sister i have ever had. those who have had sisters know what it is like to be with them. like them or fight them, but you can't ignore them. sisters can sometimes be nosy and irritating. they seem to know how to pester you until you feel surly. but would our childhood be any "funner" without sisters? i don't think so. 

we are sisters. we'll always fight but we'll always make up as well. that's what sisters do, we argue, we point out each other's frailties, mistakes, and bad judgment, we flash the insecurities we've had since childhood, and then we come back together until the next time. 

life's isn't so bad. people are more happy and i'm not as sad. i see the obstacles of life but never dare to pick up a knife because i'm too precious to my family and myself. (i know right?) even when times are hurting  we still have some wealth. i would never dare leave my sister. she's helped me through everything. she's payed for all my useless things, made me 'mee goreng kak long' when my stomach rumbled. and even talked me through liking boys. well, boys will come and go but family will always stay. it's me and her against the world. there's always someone fighting we're never really bored. i rarely say this to her but, i love her with all my heart. 

fun house water fight remember i do, playing with Jojo and Jojie, Labu and Labi .... we've grown out of them, yet we've not grown apart. i look back to then, and i remember being so proud of having you for a big sister that's one thing that not changed and i'm pleased. we will always stick together through good times and bad, that is why i couldn't imagine my life without kak long. thank you for everything kak long. that's what sisters are for !

by the way, your mee goreng is so 'delishus' kak long !  >_<

thank you for reading !


Nurulbadiah Lai said...

kirim salam kat sista yg syg..
u and ur sister..
look so sweet and lovely

aziey nasrudin said...

insyaAllah i will. tq.kak nurul..
terharu nye saya kak nurul sudi komen kt sini.