Thursday, April 26, 2012



since dot-the-ceo wanted something to keep
 as a memory of our business practical,
alea suggested me to do another simple design for BDC badge.

sorry dot. we didn't have much time to order printed t-shirt
with BDC logo on it. so badges it is!
*it's either badge or matric card-like-tag depends on the ceo*

super simple design yang terpikir kat pale time ni. 15 minit je diperlukan 
so it's not a big deal. (haha what the hell berlagak gilaaaa! #killmenow) maafmaaf :)

p/s : do support us, FIFA GEN5 in our business practical tomorrow..datangla ke booth no 8 Bookoo Dot Com.. thank you. to my group members the BDC Crew, may success be upon us! InsyaAllah. amin.

thank you for reading .

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