Saturday, June 9, 2012

aku cinta abang yong

erkkk ! geli tak tajuk entry ni??
macam something kan.
eleh. ckp melayu memang ar nampak geli..
ce kalau ckp korea..

ce try ce try ce try....

" saranghae yong oppa ! "
난 내 동생 용인 사랑

ok bai.


eimai.sitizulaika.CEO.Vassilias.Vassilisa said...

hehe annyounghaseyo aziey :)
salam as well

such an amusing blog entry ;) yeah
that Korean bloke is a looker no doubt :D

ps: can we be friends?
may i have your email please


siti zulaika

eimai.sitizulaika.CEO.Vassilias.Vassilisa said...

salaam aziey

my blog is a smorgasbord of languages - dutch, german, swedish, afrikaans, dansk, a little Finnish, a little Norwegian, a little Spanish, a little French :)

ps: are you an undergraduate student? hehe in what field


siti zulaika