Friday, April 13, 2012

April 13 : thinking about...

♥ how much i love my family and my cats

♥ mcD's mcflurry oreo with love

♥ my mom's homemade cream caramel

♥ how i would  react if i had a chance to go to Seoul :)

♥ going back to where i should be tomorrow which always make me feel #*@$%*&@* !!!

♥ this coming Monday

♥ what would i do if i get tomorrow's news today (tak de lah ni tiru ayat Early Edition je. one of my favourite tv series back then)

♥ how I write here hoping others enjoy what I write, knowing that only a handful will ever see this, but understanding that I am writing for myself, my journal of life.

thank you for reading .

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